CORREO INTERNACIONAL, INC. was founded by brother and sister, ALEJANDRO GARCIA & LUPITA FERNANDEZ in 1988. Being one of the first private Postal Offices in San Ysidro, the company quickly grew, due to the needs of many Mexican residents requiring a U.S. mailing address to conduct personal & business transactions here in the USA.

Sadly, on Dec. 25, 1999 on Christmas day, partial-owner ALEJANDRO GARCIA passed away due to heart failure, leaving behind his wife JEANNIE GARCIA and 2 children (18 yr. old) ALEX GARCIA JR. & (15 yr. old) JEANNIE GARCIA JR.  With no other option but to move forward with the immense growth of the business, JEANNIE GARCIA and her 2 children took on the challenge of continuing the legacy left behind by husband and father ALEJANDRO GARCIA.

In 2006, partial owner LUPITA FERNANDEZ, sold her rights of the business to the GARCIA family, who took over the business in its entirety.

In April of 2008, ALEX GARCIA JUNIOR decided that it was time for the business to expand, so he took on the challenge of conquering the Southern cities of San Diego. Partnering up with PEDRO SOTO and the Soto family they launched the Otay Mesa office. With great success, they began to expand rapidly with over 300 new clients within the first year of opening and have continued to expand with great success over the years.

CORREO INTERNACIONAL, INC. would like to thank GOD first & foremost for his continuous blessings. And secondly, to brother and sister LUPITA FERNANDEZ & ALEJANDRO GARCIA for all of their invested hard work, long hours & determination, which allowed this business to flourish and reach it’s true potential.

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